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This week I had a client call me a “Charlie Brown friend” saying it was a compliment. The visceral response to being called Charlie Brown usually isn’t good.

So I spent some quiet periods pondering her statement.

On the surface, Charlie Brown is a loser. He manages a baseball team of misfits that never wins a game and he has the same bad luck in love with the Little Red-headed Girl. Even though his kites unrelentingly end up in trees, the football is always pulled away, and everyone calls him a blockhead, he maintains his beliefs in the good in everyone.

When push comes to shove, his undying commitment to his friends, his passions, and all that matters is rewarded with true and unwavering, albeit sometimes frustrating, friendships. Maybe that’s why our best friends are the ones who chide & abuse us so relentlessly — because they know and love who we truly are.

When it’s all said and done with my friends, family, and clients, I’m pretty damn lucky to be considered a “Charlie Brown friend.”

Who is your “Charlie Brown” and do they know it?


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