Our Story

Chinook Arch Photography is based in Calgary and operates throughout Western Canada. We specialize in bringing our clients a professional relationship with an incredible final visual product. We are committed to bringing you the same structured professionalism you expect and provide in all other areas of your business.

The team at Chinook Arch Photography lives to be a part of your corporate events, annual meetings, and any aspects of your company which can benefit from a tangible representation of your company’s culture and services. Through our carefully cultivated team members, we cover all the bases of your photography needs. We specialize in commercial and real estate photography and video and excel at delivering an exceptional out of the box product. Every single time, we shoot to capture the emotion of our subject and edit feverishly to make it a captivating image with a lasting impact.



Scott’s serious photography began in the early 90’s through the desire to capture the sublime beauty in architecture and the subtle, quiet beauty of Alberta’s landscape and architecture. Over the ensuing decades, his knowledge and expertise have expanded to include videography and aerial shots. Commercial photography and looking at things from a different perspective than the norm is truly what makes Scott tick. From capturing the true spirit of a company at a corporate event to taking a whole different approach to real estate. This is when the duality of Scott’s brain thrives because he can be both analytical and artistic.

 Our Team

  • Chris
    Chris Videographer

    Chris has been on the ground and in the air shooting the Winter and Summer Olympics for over a decade. He is the professional’s pro when it comes to commercial video. Chris has a level of technical quality and professionalism that makes him a major asset to the team.

  • Sean
    Sean Event Photographer

    Sean has a professional and engaging attitude that is the perfect fit for event photography. When it comes to capturing the essence of your event, whether it is large or small, he will ensure your event is captured with the greatest of image quality, all while working with a fun and flexible photographer.

  • Mikey
    Mikey Portrait & Adventure Photographer

    Mikey has never been the type of person to pigeonhole himself into one thing and photography is no different. To Mikey, photography tells a story that you can always come back to and pass on. His vision is simple to make you laugh and capture the moment. You get stunning images which remind you of the fun time you had creating them with Mikey.

  • Mark
    Mark Portrait & Event Photographer

    Mark has the desire of capturing what many may view as the ordinary and transforming it into the extraordinary. He’s known for capturing the “must have” event shots and a person’s essence in a portrait. Check out his published book of portraitures of complete strangers called “Excuse Me, May I?” to get a true sense of his abilities.


What Our Clients Are Saying

We have used Chinook Arch Photography for both personal and business functions and have been very impressed. Scott’s attention to detail and his great personality make him very easy to work with.

Milan, CIBC Wood Gundy

Scott is professional, fun, and has an eye for creating exactly the photos I need.  I look forward to working with him again!

Julie P, author

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