Sampling of photographs


Video containing 3 segments from similar locations

  1. full promo video highlight industrial equipment
  2. building, setting, equipment in action
  3. industrial equipment in action


September 2019


Working together, within framework of balancing cost, time, and quality, Kleysen and Chinook Arch Photography build a modern visual portfolio demonstrating the equipment, facilities, services, and culture which makes Kleysen the provider-of-choice for transportation, distribution, and industrial products. This portfolio is used in traditional print materials, website, and in appropriate social media channels.


Kleysen is a company with nearly a century of providing reliable transportation solutions to its clients. This relationship with your clients to integrate in their business to provide a relationship that is seamless from their perspective. Kleysen has succeeded in doing this where other transportation companies have not. These services and product need to be captured and exploited in a positive manner using the visual conduits which are expected in today’s business world. This includes impactful still images, expressive video, company philosophy, and case studies with clients.


Strong visual images provide several hooks. There is the initial hook that makes the viewer stop at that image and not continue through the thousands of images they see every day. Then the image draws them in deeper and they sense what the image is truly about. Finally, the analytical mind is engaged thinking about how the activity in the image could work for them. This is what Chinook Arch Photo strives for with our tag line of “shoot the emotion & edit for the impact.”


Based primarily in Kleysen’s Edmonton and Calgary facilities, outline the unique services Kleysen provides. Highlight the equipment and facilities in use. Include all aspects of trucking, rail, logistics, and product in photo and video. This is more than a non-descriptive aerial image of the site or terrestrial photo of a piece of equipment sitting idle. It is showing many of the same pieces of equipment your competitors have, but in a manner which makes it seem much, much more than their equipment. It’s also showcasing your unique equipment and services your competitors don’t have or can’t recreate. It’s bragging about what makes Kleysen the company your clients want to partner with.

Create five specific areas of content:

  1. Photographs –equipment, services, sites
  2. Video – equipment, services
    1. Case studies – 45-90 second story of challenges overcome
    2. Client testimonials – similar to case study, but shorter
    3. Leadership – company philosophy


With over a quarter century working in Alberta’s Oil & Gas, Scott has deep experience in project management, financial management, large industrial equipment, and safety in the field environment as well as the office.

These hard skills support the intangible skills of working in a relaxed and collaborative manner ensuring the project’s goals are met through consistent channels of communications and delivery of quality product.

Visually, Scott has been a visual storyteller for decades, publishing images since 1991 and commercially since 2009.

Relationship is key to success, so Scott has a very basic ethos for project:

  • We’ll listen intently to you. You’ll listen to us too.
  • We’ll try to hardest to not be assses. You’ll do the same.
  • We will build something great together.